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Handmade Soap Heart on a Rope
Handmade Soap Heart on a Rope

Handmade Soap Heart on a Rope

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Your friends will definitely enjoy these fragrant soap bars. You can choose the colors and flavors from the list below and also order a mix of soap bars.

Please ente your choice of Fragrance in the note tio seller

 The soap is delivered with a thank you ribbon in a cellophane bag.
We can make the number of soap bars you need
It is ready to ship within 1 - 2 weeks.

Fragrant handmade soaps are great gifts for your guests at your celebration: wedding, birthday, baby shower.
1. Rose - pink
2. Lavender - purple
3. Lemon Cream - yellow
4.Chamomile - White
5. Citrus - Orange
6. Moon Flower - Blue

We have formulated a 100% pure soap especially for you:

  • Our soap is chemical free – made only with coconut oil and clay.
  • Our soap has no added chemicals and is SLES free.
  • Our soap is 100% vegan – and vegetarian.
  • Our soap is hypoallergenic, excellent for all types of skins.
  • Our soap is delicate enough for babies and skin disorders.
  • Our soap lathers, moisturises and washes beautifully.
 Soap hearts are aprox 85g each