Problem skin ?

I’ve never struggled with Acne but members of my family have, we were fortunate that regular application of our melaleuca essential oil removed it within days and if it kept being applied than the Acne stayed away. 
For those who find they need even more support we have a whole HD Clear skin care range. Its fantastic for cleansing skin, clearing spots and is free from toxins.
If you are struggling with spots, I would encourage you to also try some of the 10 steps below ⬇️⬇️
1. Where possible reduce your Acne  prescriptions. These products can often dry out your skin so if you can’t reduce, make sure you are applying moisturiser with clean hands
2. Use an exfoliating mask which is a great alternative to a face scrub which can anger the skin. 
3. Eat more carrots. Vitamin A strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and can assist with acne prevention.
4. Limit your dairy intake. Too much dairy can cause oil glands to over work, which can result in aggravated skin.
5. Avoid touching or picking at your skin through the day, this transfers bacteria to your face and makes the acne worse. 
6. Add turmeric to your diet. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties that may reduce redness and inflammation of acne. It’s a good reason to order Indian food the next time you go out, or try adding this spice to your eggs or stir-fry at home. 
7. Cut out sugar. I know this is HARD but sugar is a huge culprit because it spikes your insulin, which in turn revs your hormones and the adrenal glands. So keep the sugar to one day a week and don’t eat much of it or try fruit to curb your sugar cravings. 
8. Exercise! Sweat detoxifies the skin But make sure that you shower after your exercise so that the salt of your sweat does not set and dry your skin. 
9. Consider nutritional supplements such as dōTERRAs Life Long Vitality pack (LLV). Acne can be a sign that something is nutritionally off in your diet. Your skin depends on nutrition, and if your body isn’t receiving it, acne can be a result.
10. Be aware of what touches your face! Wipe your Mobile phone, glasses, sunglasses, keyboards, with a device-friendly anti-bacterial wipe, and wash your pillowcases weekly. 
I truly hope this helps. Do you know any one who could benefit from this? 
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