GENERAL FATIGUE Hectic schedule getting to much for you ?

Hectic schedule getting to much for you ?

Energise with oils 👑

A persistent lack of energy or FATIGUE can be experienced in perimenopause and menopause and can include a general feeling of weariness, inattentiveness, lack of alertness, or fuzzy thinking.

Women often state that they used to easily manage daily activities and work but that now their once vibrant get-up-and-go has, apparently, got up, and, so far as can be determined, went.

Again, changes in hormone levels is the main culprit in menopause. Oestrogen and progesterone, as well as adrenal glands and the hormone Melatonin, can all regulate energy, so when these hormone levels fall, fatigue can occur.

Many factors can also cause fatigue, so it is important that these are ruled out, just in case hormone imbalance isn't the cause. Thyroid problems, heart disease, anemia, persistent low mood, and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to feelings of fatigue.

Citrus oils are beneficial to the body as they are not only uplifting to the mood but can also be energizing. Essential Oils and related products that can help during feelings of fatigue include:

• Wild Orange

• Peppermint

• Spearmint

• Lemon

• Grapefruit

• Tangerine

• Lime

• Frankincense

• Citrus Bliss

• Motivate

• Passion

• Vitality Program

Citrus Bliss contains the beneficial Citrus Essential Oils of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine, with a hint of Vanilla Absolute. This blend has natural, potent compounds with cleansing and energizing properties.


Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.


• 4 drops Motivate

• 2 drops Grapefruit

• 1 drop Frankincense

Add oils to a small bowl, dilute with 2–3 tsp. carrier oil, and apply to the body in the mornings to increase motivation and energy.

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