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Having a healthy relationship with food

Having a healthy relationship with food, does not mean having a PERFECT relationship with food. It’s not about never “messing up” it’s about your mindset, perspective and self-awareness to let go when you do & move forward.⁣
Treating yourself with grace, respect & like a friend. Would you tell your friend to starve herself on Monday if she ate a brownie, too many chips, something they “shouldn’t” on Sunday? I don’t think so. So why can’t you give yourself the same respect?⁣
So what do you do when you “overeat” or “fall off” or “cheat”. Firstly, stop looking at it as something bad -- drop those labels. Then forgive yourself, immediately. This will release the shame & guilt that triggers unhealthy behaviors like restriction and overexercising the next day, purging, binging and self-loathing in the moment. FORGIVENESS BREAKS THE CYCLE & THAT’S a healthy relationship with food.⁣
Its not being “GOOD” or “PERFECT”’s not following a diet, sticking to your macros/points for the day, eating 1200 calories, or turning down dessert. It’s balance (whatever that means to YOU). Intuition. Love. Respect. Being a team with your body, being a friend.⁣
You’ll break free when you understand that “messing up” actually has no impact at all. It doesn’t control you, it doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t mean anything. You aren’t “bad” or “worthless”. Stop it there and you will heal. You don’t have to make up for it or correct the behavior, you just simply have to forgive yourself and move on. ♥️

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